Is your dog a member of Woofur's Woof Play daycare?  If so, take advantage of our self-serve daycare check-in system to earn extra Woofur Rewards® points!  Please note you must be a member of our Woofur Rewards® program in order to participate. Woofur Rewards is our exciting new loyalty program that entitles our dear customers to earn points on every purchase.  Points accumulated can be redeemed for discounted (or free!) services and merchandises.  To learn more about the program, please click here

Benefits for using our self-serve check-in system

  1. Play our Instant Win campaign to see if you win any products or services right on the spot
  2. Earn 5 extra points every time you use our automated daycare check-in system

New Daycare Check-In Process

  1. Upon arrival to Woofur, proceed to our front counter and tap on our Woofur Rewards tablet.
  2. Press "Start" to begin.
  3. Scan your Woofur Rewards® tag (either a physical tag that was given to you or a virtual tag that you have downloaded on your smartphone).

4. Play in our Instant Win campaign to see if you win any products or services right on the spot.

5. Press the "Check-In" button.


6. Select which daycare your dog will be playing in for the day - "Doggy Daycare - Mixed Breed" or "Doggy Daycare - Small Breed." If you are unsure which daycare room is best suited for your dog, please speak to one of our associates prior to checking him/her in.


7. Voila, now you have earned 5 extra points on your account and your dog is checked into daycare!

If you have any questions regarding the Woofur Rewards® program or our new self-serve daycare check-in process, please don't hesitate to ask one of our store associates.