Medical & Health
Your pet’s medical history and information is very important to us.  If your pet is not feeling well (e.g., vomiting, diarrhea, etc.), please do not bring him/her to our facility as this may affect other guests to become ill.  Owners are required to verify that your pet has been in good health for the last 30 days prior to admission to Woofur. To ensure the safety and well being of your pet, owners must inform us of any allergies, intolerances, sensitivities, illnesses, physical conditions and/or physical limitations.   Please note that if your pet has a communicable condition (e.g., viral infections, or bacterial infections), or is in heat, your pet must remain absent from Woofur until he/she has recovered.

Emergencies & Veterinarian Care
Should your pet require immediate veterinary attention, Woofur will transport your pet to either the nearest vet to our facility or your preferred vet (if it’s not a life-threatening situation), based on your direction on your registration form.  Please note that as the owner, you will be responsible for all medical and veterinarian costs incurred.

Your pet must be fully up to date on vaccines and valid Vaccination Certificates or Titre Test Certificates issued by your veterinarian must be submitted as written proof.  The required vaccines are Rabies, Distemper, Canine Hepatitis, Parvovirus, Parainfluenza (DHPP) and Bordetella (kennel cough).  For pets with medical conditions (written proof required from your veterinarian), in which vaccinations cannot be administered, you may sign a vaccination waiver form at our facility.  It is also strongly recommended that your pet is checked annually by your veterinarian, be on a worm prevention program, and on a flea/tick/lice prevention program as well.

During your pet’s stay, you may require medications to be administered for your pet.  Please keep mind that although Woofur staff will do their best to care for your pet, we are not trained veterinarian technicians and assume no responsibility of incorrect dosage, adverse reactions, complications, or conditions caused to your pet by the medication or by the process of taking the medication.

Woofur will accept puppies that are on a vaccination program with their second set of puppy shots completed. Dogs do not need to be neutered or spayed in order to attend our facility.  However, we will not accept females in heat and may refuse intact males that are overly aggressive.

All dogs staying at Woofur must be non-aggressive. Owners will need to verify that their dog has not harmed or shown aggression or threatening behaviour towards any person or another dog. Please remember that when your dog frequents the daycare play areas he/she will be in contact with many other types of dog and the health and safety of all animals is our main concern. These play areas will be supervised, however much like a dog park, acts of aggression can happen very quickly and without warning. If your dog does have an incident that Woofur deem unacceptable, Woofur reserves the right to remove your pet to its own separate area for safety reasons until your arrival. Owners are responsible and liable should your pet cause injuries or damages to other animals. Woofur reserves the right to refuse service and permanently expel your pet from our facility without explanation.

Please be on time for your appointments as our staffing is scheduled based on appointment booking times.  Please be mindful of our hours of operation defined above when booking appointments. There is a grace period of 15 minutes; however, if you are late beyond the grace period, a late drop off fee of $15 or a late pickup fee of $10/30 minutes may be assessed.

All food and snacks must be supplied or specified by the owner.  Please bring sufficient supply of food and snacks to cover your pet’s entire stay at Woofur. Should your dog run out of food or snacks, you agree to have Woofur supply the same or comparable food or snacks for your pet. If you are unable to bring any food or snacks, we carry a variety of healthy and nutritious products at our store that are available for purchase.  Please note to ensure the well being of your pet, we will not feed anything unless provided or directed by you.  All incidentals will be charged to the credit card provided on the account.  Any treats or belongings should be identified to Woofur Staff at the time of Drop-off/Check-in so that the items can be identified and checked.

Leashes, Walking Aids and Properly-Fitted Equipment
Owners must supply fitted walking devices for your pet during his/her stay.  We do not accept retractable leashes for daycare or boarding clients as these leashes are difficult to walk dogs on, they promote improper leash manners and could be hazardous in certain situations.  If you fail to provide a solid leash, or if the walking device supplied is considered inappropriate (e.g., harness is too large for the dog), an equipment fee of $4.00 / day will be added to your account.  If your dog is participating in daycare or boarding and is an excessive puller, we will fit your dog into an Easy Walk Harness or Gentle Leader head harness that we will use during his/her stay. This equipment charge will be added to your account.

Early Drop Off / Late Pick Up

  • If you need to drop off your pet prior to 7:30 AM on weekdays or 9:30 AM on weekends, we provide an early drop off service at a rate of $10/30 minutes.
  • If you need to pick up your pet after to 6:30 PM on weekdays or after 5:30 PM on weekends, we provide a late pick-up service at a rate of $10/30 minutes.

During your pet’s stay in our facility, we may take your pet for walks with several other dogs, depending on his/her needs and temperament.  If you would like your pet to eliminate indoors on a training pad, please specify so with our staff.  We may refuse walking services for your dog should he/she demonstrates behaviour that we deem inappropriate, dangerous, and/or harmful to himself/herself, our staff and/or other dogs on the walk.