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To ensure safety for you and your pets, all dogs and cats must be either current with its vaccinations (proof of vaccination must be shown upon registration) or have valid Titre Test certificates that measures the level of antibodies to disease in blood:

  • Rabies (Dogs & Cats)
  • DHPP (Optional for dogs - Vaccine Waiver needed)
  • FVRCP (Optional for cats - Vaccine Waiver needed)
  • Bordetella (Optional for dogs - Vaccine Waiver needed)
  • FeLeuk (Optional for cats - Vaccine Waiver needed)

Woofur staff will provide approximate prices for all quotations.  Exact prices for all grooms will not be determined until your dog's groomer has began working on the dog due to coat conditions, dog behaviour, and other factors that may come into play. Prices for each groom are dependent on the breed, size, and condition of the dog.

Please note that should your dog become difficult to handle for our experienced staff, there will be a minimum Handling Fee of $15 applied.  Should your dog or cat show extreme aggression towards our staff, we reserve the right to refuse service for your pet(s).  We apologize in advance should this be of inconvience to you.