Is your dog suffering from one or more of the following issues? 

  • Aggression towards dogs and/or people
  • Anxiety (including separation anxiety)
  • Barking and/or Reactivity
  • Counter Surfing and/or Begging for Food
  • Resource/Territory Guarding
  • Pulling and/or Lunging Behaviour on Walks
  • Fear towards dogs/people/objects
  • Housesoiling/Inconsistent Potty
  • Nipping/Chewing 
  • Jumping on people

If you've had the clear from your veterinarian that your dog isn't suffering from any physical ailments which causes the above mentioned issues, Woofur can help you resolve these issues through our effective private behaviour modification sessions. Through our discussions, you will be given useful tools to use to manage your current situation, prevent problems from arising in the future, and ideas to enrich your training with your dog. 

Prior to all our Private Behaviour Modification classes, we invite you to book a consultation to discuss training plans with your trainer.  Please contact us for further details.