About Us:

Woofur is a holistic-based comprehensive pet care provider focused on you and your furry family members’ individual needs! We are uniquely equipped to offer a wide range of quality services, including professionally certified pet grooming for dogs and cats, luxurious overnight boarding accommodations, doggy daycare, personalized dog obedience training and behavior modification classes, and pet first aid certification courses. To complement our quality services, our retail stores carry a variety of products for discerning pet owners. We specialize in all-natural, healthy premium foods, frozen and freeze-dried raw diets, nutritional supplements, training aids, toys and trendy fashions.

Our clean, safe, and vibrant facilities provide a comfortable atmosphere filled with warmth and love for your pets. We customize our care for each animal based on your pet’s unique needs, treating him/her with kindness, care and respect. We're well experienced in handling dogs of all ages, with many different health issues and behaviors. At the end of each visit, our staff spends time debriefing owners on how their pets were for the day, indicating any abnormalities noticed during their stay, and offering advice to owners on how to maintain and upkeep their pets. Our facilities are also completely cage-free, with the primary goal to create a relaxing and stress-free environment for your pet. Each time pet parents pick up their pets, they are consistently impressed by how happy their pets are and how well their pets have been cared for at Woofur.

All Woofur staff members are Pet First Aid certified to handle dog and cat emergencies.  Our Lead Groomer is a certified dog groomer and Certified Feline Master Groomer (CFMG).  Our facility is a member in good standing with the National Groomers Institute of America (NCGIA), Ontario Dog Groomer's Association (ODGA), International Professional Groomers (IPG) as well as The Canadian Association of Professional Pet Dog Trainers (CAPPDT).

Our Richmond Hill location is near Highway 404 and Elgin Mills Road in Richmond Hill. This facility is over 2500 square feet with a small breed doggy daycare, mixed breed doggy daycare for medium and large dogs, luxurious dog boarding accommodations, dog grooming space and a dedicated cat grooming space. Adjacent to our facility, we have access to grass, trees, shrubs and sidewalks where we can walk our doggy friends just like how you would walk your pets at home.

Our Vaughan location is just minutes away from Vaughan Mills in Vaughan. This brand new state-of-the-art facility is over 5200 square feet with three large daycare rooms, luxurious dog boarding accommodations, dog grooming space, a dedicated cat grooming space, and specialty retail. This facility also has a fenced in outdoor play area, where dogs can enjoy playing and running around freely through the grass. Click here to learn more about our new Vaughan location.

Top 10 Reasons to Choose Woofur as your Pet Care Provider:

  1. Woofur is recognized by Consumer Choice Award®, Best Three Rated® and Top Choice® for best pet groomer and pet services for 2018 and 2019!

  2. Local veterinarians, groomers and other pet care professionals bring their own pets and refer their customers to Woofur as well!

  3. We are a one-stop pet care business providing dog & cat grooming, doggy daycare, dog training, dog boarding and specialty retail.

  4. We provide a holistic approach to health and wellness of animals, offering products and services that promote the social and physical well-being of pets.

  5. We offer certified dog grooming where we groom dogs to their breed standards for various breeds, sizes and ages. We also offer certified cat grooming where we groom cats to CFA breed standards without the use of anesthetics.

  6. We offer certified dog training services using only positive reinforcement techniques. We DO NOT use any force or negative reinforcements in our approach.

  7. Our staff are knowledgeable about pets and are Pet First Aid Certified.

  8. Our facility is very clean and is sanitized daily with the most effective animal care facility disinfectants commercially available.

  9. You can schedule your appointments online 24/7, 365 days a year at your own leisure via our Online Registration System or Smart Phone App.

  10. We are a registered and licensed business that is fully insured for the safety of your pets.

We absolutely love and care about the animals that visit us and treat them like they are our own! Please come by to visit us to see how we can offer you pet grooming, dog boarding, dog training and doggy daycare for your pet.  We welcome dogs and cats of all breeds and sizes to join us for some Woofur fun!