Woofur Rewards® is our loyalty program that entitles you to earn points on every purchase!  Points accumulated can be redeemed for discounted services, discounted merchandise and FREE services! For every dollar you spend, you collect a Woofur Rewards® point – it’s that simple!

Why become a Woofur Rewards® member?

Earn valuable points!
Get access to member-only deals!
Check-in daily for a chance to instantly win FREE stuff!
Redeem points for discounted services and merchandise!


How do I sign-up?

Option 1: Sign-up at home without a Woofur Rewards Tag

Download the "Woofur Rewards" app (by TapMango) from your mobile device via the links below.  A virtual tag will be assigned to you, which will be your unique identifier on the loyalty program.  On your next visit to Woofur, let us know you've already downloaded the app and we will ensure your virtual membership tag has been linked to your pet's profile in our system. 

Option 2: If you already have a Woofur Rewards Tag

Visit us in store and ask one of our store associates to set you up with a Woofur Rewards® membership tag that will be linked to your customer profile on our system.  This membership tag will be your unique identifier on the loyalty program and points will be automatically accumulated on your account from the time of sign-up.

What do I get for becoming a Woofur Rewards® member?

Points earned can be redeemed for the following rewards:

  • 750 points - FREE Ear Cleaning service

  • 850 points - 10% off your next Full Spa & Style session

  • 850 points - 10% off your next Feline Spa appointment

  • 875 points - Add-on FREE Feline Belly Shave

  • 875 points - Add-on FREE Feline De-shedding Treatment

  • 900 points - FREE Teeth Brushing service (for Cat or Dog)

  • 1100 points - Brush Out Maintenance service (15 minutes)

  • 1200 points - Nail Trimming service (for Cat or Dog)

  • 1300 points - $25 off Oral Care Maintenance service

  • 1500 points - 15% off a one-time retail purchase

  • 1650 points - FREE Half Day Daycare

  • 1950 points - FREE Full Day Daycare

  • 2250 points - FREE Overnight Stay (includes daycare and 12 PM checkout)

Woofur Rewards® members are also entitled to the following exclusive frequent buyer incentive programs:

  • Visit us for 10 Full Spa & Style sessions within 18 months and get 25% off of your next visit*!

* Discount is applied to the base Full Spa & Style service and is not applicable on any add-on services (e.g., de-matting, teeth brushing, oral care maintenance, etc.).

All frequent buyer incentive programs must be redeemed within 18 months of the initial date of purchase or service. 

Other fun features for Woofur Rewards® members

Instant Win!

  • Every time you walk into Woofur, you can scan your Woofur Rewards membership and receive a chance to win FREE stuff!

  • You are entitled to one Instant Win play per day.

  • Prizes won on an instant win play can be redeemed immediately or saved for future redemption

Track your Woofur Rewards® on your iOS or Android smartphone!

You can manage and track all of your Woofur Rewards through the Woofur Rewards smartphone application.  The app is available for download FREE for iOS at the Apple App Store or for Android through Google Play.


  1. Download and install the Woofur Rewards (or TapMango) application from the App Store (for iOS) or Google Play (Android)

  2. Select “I Have A Tag” and enter your Woofur Rewards membership ID (the number above the QR code on your Woofur tag) and your email address associated with your Woofur account (hint: it should be the same email address you receive all of your Woofur appointment reminders on)

  3. Set up a password

  4. Enjoy the convenience of knowing your Woofur Rewards status in the palm of your hands!

Woofur Rewards App Screenshot.JPG