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Tobey's Family

Michelle and her team has been beyond amazing. When my dog is diagnosed with terminal cancer, they didn't discriminate him from attending daycare like the other daycare my dog went to, instead they took extra care of my dog so that he can still enjoy his social life with his buddies. Furthermore Michelle would do extra research to help find the best medical practitioner, supplements, and alternative treatments to help with the diagnosis. I cannot thank Michelle and her staff enough. Woofur is not only a place for dog and cat services but the emotional support I received from them is huge. I'm so glad I found Woofur because when I needed help the most, they were and still are here for me and my family. Thank you Woofur. Thank you with all our hearts.

Riley's Family

My dog Riley has been going to Woofur since she was a puppy. Every time we take her to day care Riley always gets super excited. The staff are well informed and friendly. They care for all the dogs with love and you can tell they take their time to provide the best service.


Sugar's Family

Our pet Sugar started going to Woofur daycare since she was 4 months old. She was so shy and timid at the beginning. She used to hide in a corner. Woofur’s staff are very motivated to socialize her with other dogs by playing with her. Very soon she adapted this environment and met a lot of friends. Around 1 years old, she started creating her personality character. She used to protect our house and ourselves by barking intensely to strangers when they approach to us. We consulted with Michelle and she privately trained Sugar and ourselves to correct Sugar’s behavior. Few weeks later, we have seen that Sugar had improved a lot. Now she can go to a very crowed place like a performance event and even taking a public transit, she behave very calm and quiet. Now she is very happy and exciting by going to Woofur!

Harold's Family

We just can’t say enough great and amazing things about Woofur. It's our fur-baby's favourite place to hang out where he enjoys hours of play with his friends. Woofur is truly the best- they are sincere in caring for your fur-baby and very accommodating. The staff are super friendly and they treat your pup as if they were one of their own. The facility is always clean and spacious enough for doggie play. I recommend Woofur to my friend with dogs.


Abby's Family

We have used Woofur Dog Services for several months now and couldn't be happier. They are very helpful and knowledgeable. Our pup, Abby, loves this place and it's sometimes hard to get her to leave her doggie friends when it's time to go. I highly recommend this place to anyone looking for a fun safe place for your doggie to play. I have had nothing but exceptional service and care for my dog. They treat her like family and even made special accommodations for her when they discovered she was in heat. I have taken courses there, had her groomed here, and I highly recommend this place to everyone I meet. I wouldn't consider leaving my fur baby anywhere else but here. 


Cashmere's family

I love Woofur a lot and appreciate them so much for taking good care of my baby, Cashmere!!! Giving me a peace of mind always! Their services are excellent and very professional, I have been learning a lot from them in dog caring too! Their opening time is very accommodating as well. Cashmere loves staying there and loves doing grooming there too!!! Thank you @Woofur and keep up the good work!



Bailey's Family

Bailey absolutely loves coming here, she doesn't even look back at you while being taken to the back so she can play with her friends. Staff are very friendly and know everyone on a first name basis. 5 stars all the way.




Lady P & Moriarty's Family

I like Woofur. I trust them. My dogs are happy there and the grooming is usually perfect. My one dog has had some chafing on occasion, but I suspect that's to be expected with hand stripping. Michelle is a spirited personality, for sure, but she definitely believes in what she's doing. Doug, Jacqui, all the others who work there are friendly, professional, cordial, and accommodating. When there was a sudden death in my family recently, and my dogs were at the daycare that day, I called and asked if they could be boarded for a couple of nights. Without hesitation, they made accommodations for my two dogs. I appreciate them and their work very much. The cost isn't much different than other places, and I like their facility. I'm looking forward to their new facility opening soon, with an outdoor play area. 

Coco's Family

Hello Woofur family, I am extremely happy with your daycare. You have offered me peace of mind while coco is at your daycare and while he is boarding at Woofur. Thank you for a great service. I'd like to also add that Coco has made a lot of friends at Woofur! Plus I've tried to put him on dog food before he went to Woofur, and he refused it, but now he is on one of the dog food brands you provided me with- and he loves it. Thank you once again for being a great puppy daycare!


River's Family

I am absolutely satisfied with the services at Woofur. Michelle and the staff always listen to my needs for River and treat him very well. I have had a lot  of questions re river re his health and ask suggestions. Michelle has always responded and has been so informative. Always willing to help me. I always feel I can explain how I feel positive or negative to Michelle, Doug and the staff. They always are willing to provide the best service. We absolutely love Woofur!