We have 3 main types of grooming packages available for our Woof Spa services:

1. Bath & Tidy Package

  • Water jet massage bath to deeply remove any dirt, grease, grim, and impurities that are hidden with your pet's fur while giving it a relaxing hydro massage;
  • Gentle face wash with our tearless formula to gently remove traces of dirt, food debris, grease that may be found on your dog's face. Extra charges will apply for eye, face, or head trims requested.
  • Ear Cleaning which includes plucking of the ear hair (if any) and cleaning of the ear. A frequent maintenance program for cleaning your dog's ears is a first step at preventing ear irritations or infections.
  • Fluff Dry to fluff and straighten your dog's coat to a beautiful finish.
  • Thorough Brushing for 10-15 minutes (depending on size of dog) to ensure your dog's hair is smooth and mat-free. For dogs that take longer to brush out, extra dematting charges may apply.

2. Spa & Glam Package

  • Everything in the Bath & Tidy package, plus:
  • Pawdicure which includes trimming of pad hair, nails, paw rounding, and pad moisturization. A frequent maintenance program for your dog's paws can help you avoid a variety of health issues that are caused by unkept nails and pads.
  • Ear Cleaning which includes plucking of the ear hair (if any) and cleaning of the ear. A frequent maintenance program for cleaning your dog's ears is a first step at preventing ear irritations or infections.
  • Sanitary Trim which includes trimming around your dog's private areas. A frequent maintenance program for trimming the sanitary areas can help keep your pets clean and to keep its skin irritation free.

3. Full Spa & Style Package

  • Everything in the Spa & Glam package, plus:
  • Breed Standard haircut to suit the style that is most appropriate for your dog.  If you own a mix breed dog, your groomer will advise which style is best suited for your dog at your appointment.


Pawdicure & Nail Trims:

Just like your hands, dogs also need to have their paws regularly maintained and manicured.  Untrimmed nails and unkept pads can lead to a variety of health, structural and mobility issues and for your pets. Pawdicure services are available which includes trimming of pad hair, trimming of nails, and moisturization of pads.  We also provide Nail Trims for your pets to ensure those little paws aren't clicking on your hardwood floors!

Facial, Eye or Face Trims:

Is your dog starting to look shaggy around its face with lots of sprays around its eyes, making it hard to see?  Your pet is likely in need of a gentle, berry-flavoured Facial!  We use tearless formulas to gently remove traces of dirt, grease, and food debris that may be found on your dog's face, fluff dry around the face, and trim around its eyes and face to tidy up.  If you simply need just an Eye or Face Trim (pet`s coat must be clean around eye or face area in order to be trimmed), we can have that done for you as well!

Oral Care Maintenance:

Our most popular add-on service to date is our Oral Care Maintenance service. We utilize PlaqClnz's 5 step simple procedure to help clean your pet's teeth.

  1. We pretreat your pet's teeth with PlaqClnz dental spray.
  2. After 30 minutes, we clean your pet's teeth with the PlaqClnz Dental System.
  3. We brush your pet's teeth right after the use of the dental system with Oregano Oil flavoured toothpaste. Your dog will also receive a personal toothbrush to go home with!
  4. We will then treat your pet's mouth with a PlaqClnz Dental Gel to continue to breakdown plaque and tartar after treatment.
  5. We finish off with the Oregano Oil dental spray to freshen up your dog's breath and to remove any additional bacteria that remains in the mouth.

PlaqClnz Spray and Gel are the only alcohol free pet oral care products that reduce plaque and tartar without brushing. They contain scientifically proven, natural ingredients including Zinc complex, which stops odor formation, interferes with tartar growth and may aid in healing soft tissue.

We've done wonders on every pet that has tried this service and clients keep coming back for it!

Note: Our Oral Care Maintenance service is for cosmetic purposes only and is not intended to be a substitute for veterinarian care or advice.  We recommend all pet owners to make proper dental hygiene care part of their pet's regular routine and to have their pet's teeth and gums checked out by a qualified veterinarian on an annual basis.

Teeth Brushing:

It is very important to maintain a good oral hygiene program for your dogs.  After all, don't we humans brush daily to keep our teeth clean? If so, then why do most owners neglect our dogs' teeth? We know the importance of clean teeth and gums so we offer teeth brushing services in various yummy flavours for your dogs.  After all, great oral hygiene promotes longer and healthier lives!  Our teethbrushing service also includes a complimentary toothbrush for your pet to take home after his/her visit so you can do it daily at home too!

Note: Our Teeth Brushing service is for cosmetic purposes only and is not intended to be a substitute for veterinarian care or advice. We recommend all pet owners to make proper dental hygiene care part of their pet's regular routine and to have their pet's teeth and gums checked out by a qualified veterinarian on an annual basis.

Ear Cleaning:

Frequent ear cleaning routines can help minimize risks of developing ear infections caused by bacteria and fungus.  Since your dog's ear structure is long and horizontal, it does not allow moisture to efficiently drain. We understand the importance of maintaining a consistent ear cleaning program to ensure problem-free ears.  Our ear cleaning service includes plucking of ear hair (we do not use hemostats to avoid injuring your pet's ear), and cleaning of ears using our gentle, scent-free ear cleansing solution.

Brush-Out Maintenance:

Do you want to avoid mats from building up on your pet's coat but are simply too busy to do it yourself?  If so, signup for our brush-out maintenance program where we can help you brush your pet's coat thoroughly on a regular basis to eliminate any unnecessary mats!  We work with you and your pet on a schedule and routine that will work to ensure a mat-free coat!

De-Matting Treatment:

Mats are nasty entanglements of hair that may involve the topcoat, undercoat, dirt, burrs, loose hair hanging around and just about anything your dog may have gotten into. Mats can become damaging and painful for your dogs, with the only solution to remove them before they become more serious matters.  To avoid mats, owners should maintain regular brushing routines for their pets.  If you would like to remove the mats but salvage as much of your dog's coat as possible, our experienced groomers will assess your pet's condition for suitability prior to de-matting.  We will work with your dogs as best as we can to minimize any discomfort that may be experienced during the de-matting process.

De-Shedding Treatment:

Our staff offers innovative shedding treatments that will help eliminate pet hair in your home, making life easier for both you and your pets. Owners will appreciate an environment with little hair to clean and breathe in.  We offer de-shedding treatments for your dogs to remove hair and dander, a major source of irritation for allergy sufferers. Pets with all kinds of coat textures and sizes will benefit from our treatments, which should be scheduled every 4-6 weeks to ensure a hair-free home.

Herbal Coat Treatment

Does your pet have skin problems?  We can provide soothing herbal coat treatments contain soothing essential oils as a natural alternative to chemical treatments to help calm inflamed, dry, irritated skin. This helps to moisturize the skin and leaves the coat shiny and manageable.

Skunk Treatment

Has your dog befriended the little creature that visits your yard in the late night?  To rid of the unpleasant odor left by skunks, we can provide medicated skunk baths for your dogs that shampoos, conditions, deodorizes, and leaves your dog's coat with a radiant sheen.

PLEASE NOTE: Woofur staff will provide approximate prices for all quotations.  Exact prices for all grooms will not be determined until your dog's groomer has began working on the dog due to coat conditions, dog behaviour, and other factors that may come into play. Prices for each groom are dependent on the breed, size, and condition of the dog.

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Please note that should your dog become difficult to handle for our experienced staff, there will be a minimum Handling Fee of $15 applied.  Should your dog or cat show extreme aggression towards our staff, we reserve the right to refuse service for your pet(s).  We apologize in advance should this be of inconvenience to you.