The majority of your pet’s health problems are caused by what they eat. If you are feeding them inexpensive bags of kibble from the grocery store, their vitality will reflect that. Changing your pet’s diet can help them live their optimal life, as diets should be individually selected with each pet and their current health in mind. They should have the appropriate balance of protein, healthy carbohydrates and fats, vitamins, and minerals as well as be affordable for you!

You get a full nutritional assessment of your pet’s current diet, recommendations for various diet options, natural supplements, homeopathics and traditional herbs that will improve your pet's quality of life. We offer a complete natural diet plan that will suit the breed, age, and activity level of your pet.

Typically done for pets who either wish to be healthier and wish to change their current physical health.  Individual consult takes approximately 30 minutes. Session Fee: $50 for 30 minutes