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NEXT COURSE DATE:  Saturday, October 21, 2017

TIME: Class runs from 8:30 AM to 6:00 PM



Woofur is proud to offer Walks 'N' Wags' Pet First Aid Course offering comprehensive pet safety and first aid information.  This course is applicable to both dogs AND cats and will cover important topics, such as:

  • Recognizing the of signs of common illness and injury,
  • Safely working with an injured animal,
  • What to do in an emergency,
  • How to handle bleeding wounds and bone injuries,
  • Choking skills,
  • How to perform Artificial Respiration and CPR on an animal,
  • What to do for poisoning, frostbites, heat stroke, burns, etc.
  • What to do to prevent illnesses and injuries

Students are permitted to bring their own dog, so they can receive first hand experience working with a live animal through emergency situations!  Upon the completion of the course, attendees will be certified by Walks 'N' Wags.  Our instructor will teach this class through lectures, demonstrations, and exercises.

To register for the course, please email us at ( info@woofur.ca) or visit us at our facility to register.  Completion of the registration form and full payment of the course fee is required to secure your spot on the roster at least 1 week prior to the start of the class.