About Woofur Vaughan


From the moment you pull into the parking lot of our Vaughan location and see the bright, beaming window full of happy pets- the tone has been set for the rest of your visit. You'll enter the beautiful, modern reception area and be greeted by friendly smiles that are ready and waiting to assist you. Whether your pet is coming for their first daycare assessment or their latest grooming appointment, they're sure to have a fantastic day with us! We approach each client visit with a personalized touch. From health checks when they arrive to make sure they're ready to play with friends, to being observed for any irregularities during the day, we make sure that your pet is feeling healthy and happy.

Doggy Daycare:

Dogs will be lead into our spacious, light-filled daycare area and sorted into one of the three large cage-free play parks based upon size, breed, and energy. Their belongings will be placed inside their own labeled cubicle for easy, organized retrieval. Your dog will then be placed with whichever dog play group will compliment their individual needs best, whether that's high-energy tag games or relaxing naps and bone chewing. Our daycare staff will make sure that their introduction to the pack in the room flows smoothly and is stress-free. For the rest of their visit they'll be watched carefully by our highly-trained staff to ensure everyone in the room is on their best behavior while having a great, fun day. If any medical care need should arise, our staff are all first-aid trained and will respond promptly and efficiently.

Every few hours your pet will be leashed up with several other pup friends and taken for a short walk to our outdoor play park. This spacious, grassy area is securely fenced in with a double gate, to allow for off-leash fun. They'll run around and play, being able to roll in the grass (or snow!) and chase after their buddies. Once they've finished going potty and playing, they'll be leashed back up and placed back into their play park for more fun.

For the full duration of their stay they're under the supervision of staff, as well as kept under the watchful view of our facility-wide security system- which monitors each room and entrance to Woofur. We have screens in our reception area which allow you to preview each of the three play parks in real time to see what the dogs are up to. By the time you come to pick up your pet, you're sure to spot them on the live feed playing with their new friends! They're sure to be worn out from a day of play, and come home happily exhausted.