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We're an award winning provider of Pet Grooming, Training, Doggy Daycare, Boarding, and Pet Food & Supplies. We strive to achieve success for your pets by helping them be the happiest and healthiest that they can be!


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At Woofur, not only do we provide dog grooming, but cat grooming as well.  We groom all dogs and cats according to breed standard and provide specialized services such as hand scissoring and handstripping!  To provide your pet with the best stress-free grooming environment, we are completely a cage-free facility!  All of our dogs and cat clients are hand dried and not cage dried to ensure the best quality of grooming finish possible. While your dog is waiting for his/her Full Spa & Style grooming appointment, we also provide FREE daycare for your dog, which means you can drop off your dog as early as 7:00 AM and pickup as late as 7:00 PM.  

Doggy Daycare provides an opportunity for your dog to socialize, in order to become a happy, healthy, and well behaved family member.  We offer half day or full day doggy daycare play sessions depending on your dog's needs.  Both options provide dogs with amazing doggy play time with their buddies, unlimited supply of fresh and filtered water, interactive games and toys, outdoor walks every 2-3 hours, daycare report card to go home with, and lots of unconditional love and care. For those going away on vacation, boarding services are also available for daycare members.  We have comfortable and luxurious rooms that are modern, bright, clean, and safe.

Woofur offers a variety of canine training classes, obedience classes and private behavior modification sessions to work closely with you, your family and your dog.  We use positive reinforcement training methods to ensure everything stays positive with your dog to minimize any negative experiences.  Our experienced trainer is well versed in canine behaviour, canine psychology, animal health, canine diets and supplements, animal wellness, animal care and maintenance.  Whether you are interested in joining group classes or require individual private classes, our experienced trainer can help you achieve your goals!